Lost Christmas Cover ArtLOST CHRISTMAS Publication Date (USA): 6th October 2015

The best selling Christmas classic is released in hardback in the USA.

Follow Goose on this magical holiday adventure and rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.





The Nightmare Clock Cover ArtTHE NIGHTMARE CLOCK Publication Date: 1st October 2015

Full of daring stunts, memorable characters and thrilling twists, the final episode in the League of Sharks trilogy will have readers on the edge of their seats.

Since running away from home at the age of 13, Junk has jumped through space and time to find his sister Ambeline …
Or has he? When Junk wakes up to find himself locked in a high security facility, he starts to question everything he believed to be true. But there is one thing he is sure of: he didn’t kill his sister, and he needs to find her.
In this high-octane finale to the League of Sharks trilogy, Junk and his friends find themselves battling more than just the odds. They’re running out of time. A nightmarish countdown has begun.


THE NINE EMPERORS Publication date: 3rd August 2014

Nine EmpororsJunk has jumped through space and time to find his sister Ambeline.

She has been taken to a country ruled by the nine emperors. Junk and his friends Garvan and Lasel set off to find her.

On his quest, Junk will fight off lions, morph into a cyborg, discover the secret of the universe, and play with time itself.

Join Junk on an adventure full of humour and heart-pounding action.



THE LEAGUE OF SHARKS Publication date: 2nd January 2014

The League of SharksJunk’s sister has been stolen. Snatched from her bed in the dead of night, Ambeline doesn’t stand a chance.

Junk’s sister has been stolen. Snatched from her bed in the dead of night, Ambeline doesn’t stand a chance.

No one believes Junk saw a monster take his sister. No one believes he’s not to blame.

So begins Junk’s quest to find Ambeline’s kidnapper. His journey will take him to a future world where animal species have evolved, and where the cult of the League of Sharks – the cult that stole Junk’s sister – is etched into folklore…


LOST CHRISTMAS Publication Date: 27th October 2011 Lost Christmas Novel

When Goose’s parents are killed in a car crash on Christmas Eve, his life changes utterly. Living with his increasingly senile Nan, his dog Mutt is the only thing in this world that he now cares about. Frank, his late father’s best friend, plays Fagin to Goose’s Artful Dodger but Frank’s life is falling apart too.

A year to the day since the accident that changed his life, Goose meets Anthony, a strange man who has forgotten who he is, but seems to know more about others than they know about themselves.

When Mutt goes missing, Goose has no choice but to rely on Anthony to help find him. In an adventure that draws in Frank, who’s lost his family, an old lady who’s lost a precious bangle, an elderly doctor who’s lost his wife and a mother who’s lost her daughter, Goose follows Anthony across Manchester. But at the centre of the mystery is Anthony himself: who is he, how does he know so much about others and yet so little about himself and can he help Goose and the others find what they’re searching for?

LOST CHRISTMAS is a journey through love, loss and the quest for home.

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