My Writing Week – 4th May 2017

Down with Channel 4

A disappointment and a new start

Fast and Furious 8

Bit of a quiet week this week. FIGHT BACK (TV show proposal that went out to broadcasters and financiers last month) got a thumbs down from Channel 4. Boo! Channel 4 sucks. I’m boycotting it (apart from Grand Designs). We still have the other company interested post-MIP (as reported last week) so there’s life in the project yet. But it’s never fun getting a no.


TIME WALKER (TV show I’ve been speccing for a while now) is still defeating me. Went back to it this week with a bit of distance, hoping I could see the solution more clearly but it’s just not coming. Sometimes a project doesn’t work but you have to work through it to realise that. I don’t think this is one of those times though. I just need a jolt of inspiration. Another way that has worked for me in the past is to write something new. It’s fun and liberating to have that blank page. There are no wrong choices at this stage. I’m finding the characters and the story. Story changes characters. Characters affect story. Got an idea for a cool mystery: TATTOO. Well, got an idea for a hook. Not sure where it goes yet. Maybe somewhere. Maybe nowhere. Time will tell.


Finished season 3 of BOSCH and loved every second. Such a brilliant show. Every episode is just slightly shorter than you want it to be so you’re compelled to watch just one more.


Watched FAST & THE FURIOUS 8 at the flicks this week. I love those movies. They’re nonsense but such exceptionally well made nonsense. This one has hinges on an absolutely massive contrivance. Something that should make the whole story meaningless so the filmmakers just ignore it and rightly so. These aren’t films to analyse. They’re films to switch off your brain and enjoy. And they keep getting better and better. That’s generally unheard of in the world of sequels.

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