My Writing Week – 25th April 2017

 Great Feedback and a Dead Project

Another week of ups and downs

Bosch TV Series

This week was only a half week (as far as writing was concerned) what with Easter and all but got some great feedback on FIGHT BACK (TV show proposal that went out to broadcasters and financiers last month). The production company I’m working with took the project to MIPTV. MIP is a media market where producers, buyers, distributors etc can come together and put deals together. It’s a big networking shindig down in Cannes. One of the financiers they gave FIGHT BACK to came back almost straight away to say they loved it and thought it could be perfect for Netflix, Amazon or somewhere similar.

The TV market has changed considerably in the last few years thanks to Netflix and Amazon and all the other companies trying to follow suit. A few years ago, as far as the UK TV market was concerned if the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky said no then a project was pretty much dead in the water. Now there are a lot more places to go. Playstation produced POWERS based on a comic book. YouTube are rumoured to be getting in on scripted series. It can only be a good thing.

TIME WALKER (TV show I’ve been speccing for a while now) is on hold. I just couldn’t work out how to fix it so with Easter coming up I decided to put it to one side for a couple of weeks. I’ll go back to it this week hopefully with fresh eyes.

MERRY-GO-ROUND (TV show I was developing with another writer about a police force in a foreign land) is dead. Unfortunately we discovered there’s another very similar show already in production. The world’s not big enough for two such shows and they are weirdly similar. We didn’t nick the idea. Honest. Anyway that one’s no more.

The Last CoyoteSeason 3 of Amazon’s BOSCH started last week and we’re halfway through. Love that show. Titus Welliver couldn’t be more perfect as the lead character. My wife’s read all the books and kept telling me for years how great they are. I’m working my way through the books. Currently on THE LAST COYOTE, which is the 4th book. 4th out of (at the moment) 19 (with #20 coming in October) so I’ve got plenty more to go.

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