My Writing Week – 2nd April 2017

Everything Is Connected

A week of both TV and Film Script Development


This week has mostly been about TIME WALKER (TV show I’m currently speccing). Finished the first draft about a month ago and started on the second. I said then that finding the right balance when it came to the protagonist was tricky and so it’s proved. Think I might have it now though. He has had a name change and a complete personality change from the first draft. Now he has something massive that he needs to be present for so when what happens to him in the story happens it is a big problem and he’s desperate to get back home.

Another one of my TV projects – PUZZLE – is going to a broadcaster. Initially just to gauge interest. If there is any then I’ll go in with the producers and do a formal pitch. Have to wait and see there.

And a director I’ve been working with for the last few months has expressed interest in buying an old heist movie I wrote a few years ago. I’ll call it HEIST. I’ve written a lot of heist movies over the years. I had success with one in particular that, although it never got made, it got close with a fairly big actor attached and a great director. Then it all went pear-shaped – such is the nature of this business – but it remained my writing sample and a popular one at that and led to several other heist movies. HEIST was written initially in response to that other one going pear-shaped. After so much work it was rather disappointing so I decided to channel everything I had learned about writing heist movies into something new. This evolved into the TV series PUZZLE. Everything’s connected.

Finished RAGDOLL (the audiobook). It was hard going unfortunately with the narrator who I didn’t click with and ultimately I wasn’t convinced by the story either. It was good enough to keep me listening all the way to the end but I was happy when it was over. Now listening to DENT’S MODERN TRIBES by Countdown’s Susie Dent, which is great. She’s collected lingo and slang specific to tribes such as footballers, golfers, plumbers, pilots and taxi drivers to name just a few. Fascinating stuff.

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