My Writing Week – 19th March 2017

A move in the right direction

A week in which there is finally some progress


This week there’s been some proper movement on FIGHT BACK (TV show in development with a London based company). This is the project that’s been inching forward rather slowly, but this week it finally went to a broadcaster. It’ll probably take a few weeks before we get any sort of answer and no guarantee it’ll be a positive one, but at least it’s a move in the right direction.

Also got the rights back to another TV project, which I’ll call DANDY. Myself and my occasional writing partner – John Hay – teamed up with a production company and came up with a new take on a well known antihero. We wrote a cracking pilot ep and deferred most of our fee just to get it written, but as is so often the case it languished on a shelf. The production company didn’t do very much with it for a year or so but now we have it back. We have an idea how we could get it moving. Watch this space.

Current in-ear company while dog walking is LETTERS FROM BOY by Donald Sturrock or more accurately by Roald Dahl seeing it is mostly made up of all the letters Roald write to his mother from his school days in the 20s to the mid-60s just before she died. Interesting stuff. Had to take a break from RAGDOLL. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the narrator’s voice is too off-putting. Not sure I believe some of the writing. Pretty sure the main character wouldn’t still be a serving police officer for as long as he is in the book but I can overlook it. Will definitely go back to it because I do want to know how it ends but it could have been a more compelling read with a different narrator.

Started watching IRON FIST. Got some crappy reviews but so far I’m enjoying it. Marvel and Netflix sure do love having one-versus-many fights in cramped corridors.

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