My Writing Week – 6th March 2017

The usual frustrations of being a writer

A week when things move slowly


This week I’ve done notes on FIGHT BACK (TV show in development with a London based production company). This is a project that is moving forward very slowly. It’s been in development with this company for over a year and it is yet to land in front of a broadcaster despite not having changed very much from my original pitch. The company only really see it having a home at one place in the UK so if that place was to say no then that would be that, which would be a great shame. I can see great potential in this idea and the main character is unlike anyone on TV at the moment.  They’re being cautious, which I can understand but it’s frustrating for a writer.

The first draft of TIME WALKER (TV show I’m currently speccing) is finished, but there is much work to be done. I immediately started work on draft two. As mentioned last week, the second half of the pilot is much stronger than the first and it comes down to the main protagonist. My initial idea was to make him an everyman who longs for adventure but in reality is too scared to really live life to the full. He always takes the path of least resistance and ends up living a safe but dull life. Then adventure is thrust upon him and he has no choice but to step out of his comfort zone. On reflection, this made for a protagonist who just wasn’t very engaging and he didn’t have anything at stake if he failed to make it home. I felt he needed to be desperate to get home so worked on changing him on a fundamental level. This obviously has a lot of ramifications story wise. The first half was also a bit of an exposition-fest and I’m looking for ways to deal with that dreaded expo. The very nature of the story (and the reason I chose to spec it in the first place) is that something extremely unusual occurs. This, therefore, needs some level of explanation for the audience to be able to keep up and remain engaged. It’s all about finding that balance.

Current audiobook is RAGDOLL by Daniel Cole. Only just started it. Intriguing premise but not a great narrator, meaning I’m finding it hard to connect to the story because the guy’s cadence is continually pulling me out of it. Shame. However, the story is good enough to keep me listening for now.

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