My Writing Week – 19th Feb 2017

A screenwriting week of ups and downs

Writing a climax and someone with money to spend



This week has been almost completely devoted to my current film project, ZERO-B. Writing the climax today. Film is way too long – currently 145 pages – with the majority of the climax still to be written. It’ll come down. It’s very first draft-y – even though it’s a second draft. 95% of the second half of this draft is all new, which means it is like a first draft. The producer has sent the first half to a potential star, which I’m worried about. It’s not a great idea. If the star likes it then he will inevitably start thinking about what he wants the second half to be in his head before reading it. Then when he does read it it might be something quite different. However the producer has worked with the star before – producer is also a director and has directed him in his last film – so they have a good relationship and the producer feels confident doing this so who am I to complain?

Got some notes earlier in the week from the production company on one of my developing TV shows – FIGHT BACK.

Got a call from my ex-manager in LA a couple of weeks ago saying that a big TV company in the States might be interested in one of my shows – PUZZLE – and they have money to spend. Music to any writers’ ears. Unfortunately I’ve not heard any more since so there’s a possibility that will just go away. This happens all the time. Something may happen or it may not. At the very least it opens a door so I can send TIME WALKER (my time travel TV show I’m currently speccing) when that’s ready.

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