My Writing Week – Nov 20th 2016


SnakesThis week I’ve decided to give the projects I talk about codenames as I can’t use their real titles or in some cases they don’t have a title yet. So the film I mentioned last week I’m going to call ZERO-B. I’ve focused almost solely on ZERO-B all week and finished the second draft. I tightened it up considerably from the first draft, fixed many logic flaws and character inconsistencies. My deadline was last Tuesday and I’ve missed it by a few days. The producer I’m working for was okay with that but I still hate missing a deadline.

In anything that could be called spare time I’ve continued with the research for the TV show about a police force in a foreign land (codename = MERRY-GO-ROUND). We’ve chosen such an exciting city to set it in and today I’m putting all the ideas and research together to share with my writing partner. I should explain that this idea comes from another writer who I’ve been talking to about another project, a TV show about a thief (codename = PUZZLE) that I wrote a while ago. During one of those meetings, he mentioned an idea he had for an exciting, action-packed cop show that’s unlike anything else out there. Right now he’s off working on another show of his, which he’s in the middle of directing, so we decided that I would start things off by coming up with some initial thoughts and ideas and that’s what I’m doing. Once I’ve written that up and sent it off to him I’m going to turn my attention to another TV show idea I’m working on. This one is a complicated time travel idea (codename = TIME WALKER) and I decided I’d write the pilot episode on spec rather than just coming up with a pitch proposal. I think it’ll be easier to sell the mechanics of the concept with a spec script.

The book I’ve been reading at bedtime this week is Ross MacDonald’s The Drowning Pool and the audiobook I’ve been listening to while walking my dogs is Bill Bryson’s Made in America. TV show highlight of the week is The Missing. Loving it. Had I thought about adding such things last week then The Missing would have been beaten out of the top spot by Planet Earth II and its incredible racer snakes and baby lizards.

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