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This week I finished a first draft of a new film and started on the second draft, concentrating on how to “believably” make a human fall in love with a cyborg while fighting and running and jumping and all those other things. I’ve started work on a new TV show about a police force in a foreign land. Research and early thoughts. On Wednesday, I spent most of the day being quite cross at the stupidity of America but after Brexit realised, as a nation, we no longer have any intellectual high ground. We fell for all the same lies. I mourned the passing of Leonard Cohen and listened to Everybody Knows, which I remember I first heard on the soundtrack to Pump up the Volume with Christian Slater as a renegade DJ (“Is it bigger than a baby’s arm?”). Though it wasn’t Cohen’s version. I can’t remember who it was. It was Concrete Blondes I just looked it up. It made me go and listen to him.  

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