Advent Blog – 23rd December – Guest Blog by Gabriel Logan

Today it’s the turn of the youngest Logan child to share their favourites. Gabriel (aged 7) has decided to share his favourite books (and series of books) that he has read this year.

Beast Quest Covers

Beast Quest

“This is amazing for any children over the age of 4. The main characters are Tom and Elena who have to fight beasts in order to save Avantia”

Goosebumps Book Covers


“This is terrifying! Everyone should read them. My favourite titles are Vampire Breath and Monster Blood”

League of Sharks

The League of Sharks

“This is by my Dad who is a brilliant writer. He even wrote a movie”

Chamber of secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

“Amazing book, amazing series, by an amazing writer.”

Gangsta Granny cover

Gangster Granny

“One of the funniest kids books ever. The clue is in the title – the gangster is a Granny. And she only eats cabbage”


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