Advent Blog – 2nd December

My top 10 best things about Christmas…

1. Decorating the tree (see yesterday’s post)
2. Doctor Who Christmas special
3. Christmas cookery programmes (in particular anything with Jamie Oliver)
4. Preparing the Christmas meal
5. Eating the Christmas meal (there’s a theme to these last three)
6. Port (never seem to drink it at any other time of the year – not sure why)
7. Watching Christmas films while wrapping presents
8. Being allowed to put on Christmas music (Stop the Cavalry by Jona Lewie never sounds as good the rest of the year)
9. Reading The Night Before Christmas to my kids on Christmas Eve
10. Getting to play with Lego again under the pretence that I’m “helping” the kids

What are your favourite things about Christmas? Share in the comments below.

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